Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And... 'The Voice' Winner Will be...

Photo: Trae Patton / NBC
Tonight brings to an end Season 7 of The Voice, and I don't think the competition could have been closer. We didn't really have all the 'glitz and glamor' that we did in previous season, but we did end up with four talented and capable performers. So who will be "The Voice" of Season 7?

Even though Damien's vocals are strong, for whatever reasons, his songs just never connected as much as he needed them too. Being voted back as the 'Wildcard' shows he has a strong fan base, but I don't think that's enough.

Craig came in and kind of ping-ponged between Blake and Gwen for a few weeks, and I think that was the best thing that could have happened. Having insight from two very different but great artists can only benefit someone stepping into the business.
Craig grew every week, and I'm sure that regardless of tonight's outcome, he is going to be very busy and very successful in the coming months, and I am very much looking forward to his next and new album!

Chris Jamison - Photo: Trae Patton / NBC
So, with that said, tonight's Final Two will be Matt and Chris. Both are strong performers. Both connect well with their audiences, and both are going to have great careers. However, I feel Chris' song choices and 'industry appeal' were stronger overall, especially last night, and that's what's going to give him the edge needed to inch out the tonight's win.

So, my predictions for tonight are...
4th - Damien
3rd - Craig
2nd - Matt
'The Voice' - Chris

What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'The Voice' Top 10 Predictions!

Season Seven of The Voice continued last night with the Top 12 performances, and after tonight's results show, we will know who will comprise this season's Top 10.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that all of Team Adam will be safe tonight.
The other three teams... well...

Sugar Joans - Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC
Team Pharrell (I think) will suffer the first casualty tonight as we say goodbye to Sugar Joans. Honestly, I don't think it had anything to do with her performance last night. Her vocals were great. She held a fairly strong presence on the stage. Overall, she gave a very solid performance.
I just feel the song choice was not the best for where they are in the competition. Fighting to get from the Top 12 to the Top 10, you really need to not only showcase your vocal talents but also connect with the audience. Unfortunately, performing a song that is much older than Sugar Joans herself will often not form that much needed connection. It was just the wrong song for this stage of the competition.

Rounding out the Bottom 3 tonight will probably be Ryan Sill (Team Gwen) and Reagan James (Team Blake).

Ryan's song choice was alright, but I felt (maybe because of uncontrolled nerves) his vocals were rather weak. He seemed flat and inconsistent during most of his performance, and I'm not sure it was well enough to advance him to the Top 10.

Reagan James - Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC
Reagan did really well last night, but I found her song choice didn't really allow her to showcase her full range of vocals or allow her to really explode on stage. She sang the song almost perfectly, and she did put forward an energetic and personable performance. She used the stage really well and interacted with the audience in a way that did bring up the energy around her. It worked well, but we didn't get to see the 'FULL' Reagan James.

Overall, the 'Instant-Save' tonight will come down to Ryan and Reagan. Gwen saved Ryan last week (which surprised me. I thought she'd go with Bryana Salaz), but she can't save him this week.

So... Tonight's Bottom 3 predictions are Sugar Joans, Ryan Sill, and Reagan James. The 'Instant-Save' might be close, but I'm confident it will save Reagan!

Tune in Tonight on NBC to find out who does make the Top 10 on The Voice

Who do you think will be leaving?
Share your predictions in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Voice" - Top 12 Predictions

I've noticed that Season 7 of 'The Voice' seems to have toned down production a bit compared to the past few seasons. There is a noticeable decrease in theatrics while on stage and an increased focus on the actual contestant and the vocals.

I've also noticed that if you look at this season's Top 20, they are all pretty much on par with each other when it comes to vocals and growth potential... In other words (in my opinion), there are no real 'ringers' this season.

The show has added an App for viewers to engage, and this season, it's voting that will pick most of the Top 12. (I'm pretty sure that votes will choose two for each team, and the respective coach will pick the third).

So... who do I think will comprise the Top 12 for Season 7 of 'The Voice'?
Here's the break-down of my predictions:

Team Adam
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Matt McAndrew
     2. Damien

Adam will choose:
     3. Mia Pfirrman

Team Gwen
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Taylor John Williams
     2. Anita Antoinette

Gwen will choose:
     3. Bryana Salaz

Team Pharrell
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Luke Wade
     2. Sugar Joans

Pharrell will choose:
     3. Jean Kelley (But with Pharrell... he may end up choosing Elyjuh Rene... I just don't know)

Team Blake
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Craig Wade Boyd
     2. Reagan James

Blake will choose:
     3. Jessie Pitts

Tune in tonight at 8et on NBC to see who will make it into the Top 12

Photos: NBC Universal

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who Will Win “The Voice” Season 6?

We watched as forty-eight became twenty... then twelve. Favorites were picked and voting began as we went from twelve to ten to eight to five and finally to the Top 3.

Tyler Golden / NBC
I have to say—this has been one of the best seasons of The Voice yet. Christina Grimmie, Jake Worthington, and Josh Kaufman have given some of the most incredible performances on any singing competition show... ever! If each season gets better, I can't even imagine what Season Seven is going to be like.

This season has also seen and felt it's share of controversy and criticism, but I'm not going to even touch on that subject. Regardless of the rumors and accusations being bounced around by others, first and foremost, it's about the artists. I think it would be completely unfair and unjustified to cloud or diminish their moments in the spotlight. They are all very talented and deserve undivided attention. That is all... 
As for last night, it was intense.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) – Semi-Final Top 5 – Recap

Universal Studios was on fire last night as the Top 5 performed for your votes with the hopes of making it to next week's The Voice finale. With only three spots available, I can't even imagine the pressure everyone was under, but every one of them performed amazingly and flawlessly. Whatever happens, I say all of them are winners already.

Tyler Golden / NBC
Each performed two songs—one chosen by their respective coaches and one chosen by them as a dedication to there 'home.' I felt all the song choices were great and well suited to each contestant. Adam did go a different way with his choices, and I think the direction he wanted to take his artists (and the show) was refreshing and smart, but I'm not sure if America did.

Opening the semi-finals was Usher singing his new single “Good Kisser.” Usher always performs well, and I'm not sure if it was just very hot on stage or if it was part of the staging for his song but sweat (or water) was flying off him every time he turned his head. It was a great performance... especially since he appeared to be actually singing live... unlike a certain previous coach.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) – Top 8 – Recap & Predictions

Each week gets a bit more stressful, and each week we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to very talented artists. Last week was tough. Tess Boyer and (to my surprise) Bria Kelly received the lowest number of votes and were sent home.
Last night, the Top 8 performed... and tonight, three of them go home. You really can't get more stress than that.

It was an interesting night. Adam's now a blond (and that's all I'm saying about that). Next season's two new coaches introduced themselves with great performances. And, one contestant rocked the stage in a way that may have been THE defining and turning point in her career.

Everyone performed their best, but next week's semi-finales has only five spots.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) – Top 10 – Recap & Predictions

Last week Dani Moz and T.J. Wilkins were sent home, and this week two more talented artists will be leaving the show. It's actually hard this season, because each one is such an amazing singer.
The Top 10 show was opened by the UK band Rixton making their first television appearance in North America. My reflex impression was a British version of a 'boy-bands,' but by the end of the first verse, I really took notice. There was no 'boy-band' feel. There was only a really great band playing a really great song. They introduced themselves on national TV with “Me And My Broken Heart” and what a way to say hello. From the vocalist to the drummer... they were amazing. Rixton can now be found in my iTunes library.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“The Voice” Finally Goes Live – Top 12 – Recap and Bottom 3 Predictions

For the first time this season, The Voice was live with the Top 12 performing. The coaches no longer decide which artist goes home... the choice is now yours. By voting and downloading, the viewers are in control of each artist's fate. Last night twelve performed for your votes, but only ten advance to next week.
Normally when I do a recap for a live show, I have a definitive favorite and can easily come up with my Top Three performances for the night... not so much this time. I could probably come up with my Top Seven or Top Eight – everyone was just really good last night.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The FINAL Playoffs – Team Usher – Recap ('The Voice' s.6)

Credit: Trae Patton/ NBC
Usher was filled with pride last night, and he should have been. Like the other coaches, His team also gave stellar performances.
The Top 12 have been determined, and starting next Monday on NBC, The Voice will be in the Live Shows. The coaches no longer have a say in who stays or who goes home. Those decisions now fall to the viewers and their votes.

I have a feeling that every Live Show is going to be amazing. Each artist seems to grow and get better with every performance, and from what we've seen so far, I can't even imagine how powerful and exciting their live performances are going to be. I can say this... Monday nights are going to be explosive, and I will bet that this season will have the narrowest margins between votes that The Voice has ever seen.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Playoffs – Teams Shakira & Adam – Recap ('The Voice' s.6)

This is turning out to be the best season of The Voice, so far. The caliber of talent and performances put out by the artists is unreal, and we're not even at the Live Shows. I can't imagine what's to come, but based on what we've seen, the Live Shows are going to be insane!

Last night, Shakira's and Adam's teams took the stage. Ten extraordinary singers gave us their all, but only six moved on. I put out my predictions a few days ago, and only got one right with Team Shakira. But, I'll be the first to admit that after seeing their performances last night, I completely agree with Shakira's choices. Even before she announced her picks, I knew I only had one right. As for Team Adam, I predicted two correctly, and the third could have went either way. But, I think Adam made a good choice for his team.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Playoffs Predictions – 'The Voice' (s.6)

With the exceptional talent The Voice has attracted this season, I do not envy the coaches in having to make the incredibly difficult decisions about who goes to the Live Shows and who gets sent home. Every one in the Top 20 is amazing and will have a great career in music. Honestly, I usually don't have a problem making predictions. For the most part, it's pretty clear, but not this time. All the artists, in their own ways, and in their own styles, are very talented, but... let's do this.

Adam's has a remarkably strong team, and these picks were hard to make, because I really like all five artists. They're all a little different. They're all great to watch, and they're all amazing vocalists. I'm almost certain Kat Perkins will go through. I'm fairly sure Jake Barker will advance, but I'm torn by the other three. I'd like to see Delvin Choice make it to the Live Shows, but I think Adam's going to take Christina Grimmie.

Predicted Top 3 – Team Adam
1. Kat Perkins
2. Jake Barker
3. Christina Grimmie

I think Shakira's team is the most diverse when it comes to style, so her picks will come down to which direction she wants to go for the Live Shows. Dani has a great voice. Kristen Merlin has an amazing country tone and presence. Deja Hall's vocals are soft and captivating. Tess Boyer is a growing powerhouse, and Patrick Thomson surprises me each time he takes the stage, it's really more of a guess which direction Shakira is going to go.

Predicted Top 3 – Team Shakira
1. Deja Hall
2. Patrick Thomson
3. Tess Boyer

Usher also has a rather diverse pool of talent on his team. T.J. Wilkins has a strong R&B vibe. Bria is a powerhouse. Stevie Jo came out of nowhere after his one-chair-turn during the Blind Auditions. Melissa has a strong presence on stage. And, Josh has a unique tone. I'm sure about Stevie Jo. I'm kind of sure about T.J. Wilkins, and the third one will be either Melissa or Bria, and, honestly, I can't decide. I think that decision will come down to their song choices, but I am leaning more towards Bria making Usher's Top 3.

Predicted Top 3 – Team Usher
1. Stevie Jo
2. T.J. Wilkins
3. Bria Kelly

Tune in this Monday and Tuesday to NBC as The Playoffs continue.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Playoffs – Team Blake – Recap ('The Voice' s.6)

The bitter-sweet Playoffs premiered last night with Blake's Team. All five performed, but only three moved on to the Live Shows.

I'm still not sure what I think of the new format, where the coach chooses the three to advance instead of voting. And, I do think that if it had been decided by votes, the outcome of Blake's Top 3 would have been different.

Audra McLaughlin - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
First up last night was Audra McLaughlin. I've got to say that The Voice Hair & Wardrobe are doing a great job this season. Like everyone else, Audra looked fantastic as she took to the stage to sing “Broken Wing.”
I've been a fan of hers since the beginning, and her amazing country tone still captivates. Her range was perfect for the song, and she hit pretty much all her big notes with no problems. When she's on stage, one can't help but be drawn into her and her voice. Her vocals come so naturally and effortlessly, that she is able to connect more deeply to the song and to us. With Audra, you not only hear her sing... you feel her sing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Final Battles Recap & The Top 20 Named – 'The Voice' (s.6)

The Final Battles played out last night. Twelve very talented artists fought hard, and all seven of the artists I predicted to advance did move on to the Playoffs. Five battles predicted correctly, and one battle, where I said Blake would use his steal, I got the Win and the Steal flipped.
Everyone did an amazing job last night, and they all showed us how talented they really are. I've become a fan of many of them will continue to follow and support their sure-to-be-growing careers.
Here is the recap and results of last night's Final Battles.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

49th Annual ACM Awards - Predictions

Tonight on CBS from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas will be the Live broadcast of the '49th Annual American Country Music Awards.'

One of the biggest nights for country music, and Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will co-host the broadcast. Along with the prestigious awards to be handed out, there will be amazing performances from some of the biggest and best country music artists out there - Dierks Bentley with Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Hunter Hayes, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, and more.

The Band Perry will open the show (which will be phenomenal), and Shakira will perform her new duet with Blake Shelton (looking forward to that one).

Though I look mostly forward to the great performances, the awards are kind of special too. So, here are my predictions for the some of the awards to be presented. You should know that this year, the New Female, New Male, and New Vocal Duo/Group of the Year awards have be consolidated into a single award: New Artist of the Year.

Nominated: Luke Bryan - Miranda Lambert - Blake Shelton - George Strait - Taylor Swift
Predicted Winner: Luke Bryan

Nominated: Jason Aldean - Lee Brice - Luke Bryan - Blake Shelton - Keith Urban
Predicted Winner: Blake Shelton

Nominated: Sheryl Crow - Miranda Lambert - Kacey Musgraves - Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood
Predicted Winner: Kacey Musgraves (Should Win: Carrie Underwood)

Nominated: Big & Rich - Dan & Shay - Florida Georgia Line - Love & Theft - Thompson Square
Predicted Winner: Florida Georgia Line

Nominated: Eli Young Band - Lady Antebellum - Little Big Town - The Band Perry - Zac Brown Band
Predicted Winner: Little Big Town (Should Win: The Band Perry)

Nominated: Brett Eldredge - Justin Moore - Kip Moore
Predicted Winner: Kip Moore

Nominated: Blake Shelton "Based on a True Story..." - Luke Bryan "Crash My Party" - Florida Georgia Line "Here's to the Good Times" - Kacey Musgraves "Same Trailer, Different Park" - Tim McGraw "Two Lanes of Freedom"
Predicted Winner: Kacey Musgraves "Same Trailer, Different Park"

Tune in tonight at 8/7c on CBS for on of the most entertaining and exciting nights in country music!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Final Pairings (and Predictions) for Battles Round 2 – 'The Voice' (s.6)

Monday on NBC, the Battles Round 2 conclude with the final six battles. Of the twelve remaining contestants, seven more will move on to the Playoffs (six winners and Blake's steal).
For the most part, the remaining pairs are pretty matched and are all great talents in their own styles, and without the song choices (that was closely guarded) predicting the outcomes of the battles is somewhat more difficult. But, here is the list of battle pairs, and my best guess as to who will win and who Blake will steal.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Battles Round 2 – The Voice (s.6) – Recap of 2nd night

The 2nd night of Battles Round 2 was (with one exception) more laid back than previous Battle Rounds. There were only four battles played out (one was clipped), leaving six more for next Monday.

Sisaundra & Biff - Credit: NBC
1. TEAM BLAKE: Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis (“It's A Man's Man's Man's World”)

Tremendous and unearthly power – Pretty much all that can be said about this battle. Biff was just a bit more animated. Last battle he gave us a 'Biff Kick,' and this battle we got a 'Biff Shake.' Sisaundra had a touch more 'attitude' (the good kind), and when she hit that nuclear note, I think the world stopped for a moment. Both were flawless. Both were powerhouses. Both received standing ovations from the judges, with Adam adding that he's fairly certain Sisaundra is “not from planet Earth.”
Winner: Sisaundra
Steal: No (Only Adam would have been able to)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Battles Round 2 – The Voice (s.6) – Recap

Last night The Battles Round 2 started. The best of the best go head-to-head once again. If you thought the first round of Battles was intense... you just wait. Last night twelve artists gave us their everything, and they were all amazing. The amount of growth from some of them is undefinable, and for that, I credit the excellent coaching they have received and the pure dedication of bettering themselves. I was beyond impressed with their talent, and I do NOT envy the decisions the coaches had to make.

You can download your favorite winning performances on iTunes here.

Audra McLaughlin - NBC
1. TEAM BLAKE: Audra McLaughlin vs. Megan Rüger (“The Climb”)
Probably one of my favorite songs, and a very good choice for the two of them, this battle was one of my favorites so far on the show. A great showcase of the country power within Audra and the awesome rocker vibe that comes from Megan.
Audra started much softer than Megan, and Megan had a more clear delivery of her vocals, but by the second verse, that power inside of Audra came out. While Megan seemed to have a little more control, the amazing range and power of Audra's vocals were no match for Megan. Both had great energy and gave us an stellar performance, but there can be only one winner. I really enjoy Megan's voice and style (and would buy her songs), but in my opinion, Audra clearly won the battle. Even Adam stated that she was “one of the best singers on the show.”
Winner: Audra McLaughlin
Steal: No (Which did surprise me... but each coach does only have one)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) Recap – Battle Rounds 4th Night

The final battles of the first round are complete. Instead of moving to the Knockout Round as in previous seasons, the advancing artists move on to a second round of Battles. To win the first round, they had to be good... to win the second round, they're going to have to be great. There is only one steal per coach in this round, and the contestants (once they find out with whom they will battling) must both agree on the song choice. This round will definitely be interesting and stressful.

Tuesday's winners battled hard, and for the most part, I agreed with the coaches' decisions.

Cary & Sam - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
1. TEAM ADAM: Cary Laine vs. Sam Behymer (“Give Me Love”)
Adam's song choice pulled both Cary and Sam outside of their comfort zones. Cary was strong in her performance and added her country personality and style, which I thought was a great touch. Sam started a little high and pitchy but eventually found her pocket and style. Both did have some problems, but I found Cary to be a little stronger and consistent. Yes, Sam does have a one-of-a-kind style and voice, and I do enjoy her vocals, but I had to disagree with Adam's choice this time.
Winner: Sam Behymer
Steal: No

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) Recap – Battle Rounds 3rd Night

Last night was the next-to-last of the Battle Rounds. The performances were exceptional – the battles were amazing (All winning performances are available on iTunes). Usher completed all his battle pairings and now has his team complete for the Knockout Rounds beginning next week on NBC. One should note that FOUR of his six contestants who did not make his cut were stolen (two by Blake and two by Adam). Shakira used both her Steals to grab two of Adam's artists, and Usher has stolen one of Shakira's... Blake hasn't had any of his artists stolen yet, and Usher is the only one with a Steal left. That's going to make tonight's Battle Rounds even more intense, as only one of the six who don't win the Battle can be 'stolen' and taken to the next round.
The winners of Monday's Battle Rounds were...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) Recap – Battle Rounds 2nd Night

The second night of battles raged and seven more artists moved on to the upcoming Knockout Rounds. The only thing I don't like about the show on Tuesdays is it being only an hour long and having half the performances kind of mashed into a short montage.

Jeremy & Clarissa - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
1. TEAM SHAKIRA: Clarissa Serna vs. Jeremy Briggs (“Cold As Ice”)
Shakira paired her two rockers, and both did very well. Clarissa looked great and definitely had the tone and attitude to command the stage. Jeremy also looked good on stage and showed us he's a rocker to the core. I originally said that Jeremy would win, and the song choice was perfect for him. Even after the performance, I still feel Jeremy was just a touch more 'there' on stage. But both were great, and I'm really surprised that a Steal was not used.
Winner: Clarissa Serna
Steal: No

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2nd Battle Round Pairings And Songs – Predictions – ‘The Voice’ (s.6)

The pairings and song choices for Tuesday's Battle Rounds have been released (as reported by People.com). Tune in tonight at 8/7c on NBC.

The pairings, song choices, and my predictions (in no particular order) are listed below.

'The Voice' (s.6) Recap – Battle Rounds 1st Night

Forty-Eight very talented contestants... but only thirty-two will advance.

Last night, the first six (of twenty-four) battles were fought, and for the most part, I wasn't surprised by the outcomes. It was exhilarating. The talent was exceptional. The battles were fought hard by all.

You can download your favorite performances from last night on iTunes here.

Bif & T.J. - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
1. TEAM USHER: Biff Gore vs. T.J. Wilkins (“Ain't Too Proud To Beg”)
With a twenty-two year gap between these two, it was sure to be an interesting battle, and it was. Both had great vocals. Bif was a little lower than T.J., and both gave us a great show. However, T.J. was much smoother on the stage and very suave. Technically, they were almost equally great, but the battle was easy to call, and the Steal was no surprise.
Winner: T.J. Wilkens
Steal: Yes – Blake Shelton

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The 1st Battle Rounds Pairing Revealed – Predictions – ‘The Voice’ (s.6)

The pairings and song choices for Monday’s Battle Rounds have been revealed by The Voice (as reported in EntertainmentWeekly).

Tune in Monday at 8/7c on NBC as the Battle Rounds begin!

The winners of the Battle Rounds move on to the Knockouts, but the coaches do have two Steals each, but there will be twenty-four battles, so the coaches will have to use their steals wisely.

The pairings, song choices, and my predictions (in no particular order) are listed below.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Top 11 Improve Greatly From Last Week – American Idol XXI – Recap

After the many not-so-great reviews from the judges and the surprising vote that sent Emily Piriz home, the remaining eleven contestants stepped up their 'game' quite well.

This week's theme was “Songs From The Cinema,” and most of the artists picked perfect songs to showcase their talents.

Between each act, the Top 11 gave their 'audition' for the artist about to take the stage. While it was amusing to some level, I kind of feel it was an inappropriate message to be sending, especially to the younger viewers. For me, it sent the message that it is okay to make fun of or mock other people. Granted, it was all in fun and harmless, but will the younger, more impressionable viewer understand the difference between 'having fun with' and 'making fun of.'

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Teams Are Full – Let The Battles Ensue – The Voice (s.6) – Recap

Last night was the end of the Blind Auditions, and the coaches' teams are now full. Next Monday at 8/7c on NBC the Battle Rounds begin. Two teammates sing off against each other, with only one emerging victorious and continuing on. All is not lost, however, for the one who does not win the battle... each coach has some “Saves” and can steal the defeated singer.

Each coach had only one spot to fill, and the pressure must have been extreme for the remaining contestants still to perform for a slot. The coaches were picky and wanted the best.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blake Adds Some Serious Fire-Power – The Voice (s.6) Blind Auditions Night 5 Recap

Last night, the talent was high, and the stakes were even higher as the coaches fought to fill their teams with those they think can bring a win. Shakira added two artists to her team. After turning her chair more than a few times, she finally managed to starting filling her roster. She picked up gospel trained and powerful vocalist Cierra Mickens after her strong rendition of “Crazy” turned three chairs. Also joining Team Shakira was Ddendyl. Trained in opera but now more Blues and Jazz, Ddendyl performance of “Stand By Me” was enough to grab Shakira's attention.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The “Home” Theme For The Top 12 Never Really Hit Home – American Idol 13 Recap

Last night's theme was “Home” for the Top 12. They were to pick a song that represented or reminded them of where they are from. The show should have been filled with powerful and emotional songs, but most fell short of that.

This season, American Idol production spend well over five million dollars on the new set and stage. Its 360° design is meant to immerse us more fully into the feeling and energy of the artists performing... but what happens when some of the artists themselves don't have much feeling or energy?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adam Gets Shut-Out In Night 4 Of Blind Auditions – The Voice (s.6) Recap

“The Blind Auditions are about one thing and one thing only, and that is finding a voice” ~Shakira

Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Well, Adam did not have a very productive night. In fact, he turned his chair for only one artist last night, and he lost her to Blake.

The talent was rather good last night, but Adam just didn't hear what he wanted to add to his already stellar team. Some may say he's being picky... I say he's being selective to find those singers that he will be best able to help achieve their dreams. Isn't that what the show's about?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blake Continues To Struggle Trying To Fill His Team – The Voice (s.6) Blind Auditions – 3rd Night

“The only thing that matters in Blind Auditions is discovering amazing voices, and that's why we're here.” ~Adam Levine

Going into last night's Blind Auditions, Blake had only two artists on his roster. By the end of night, he managed to acquire two more. I'm not sure why Blake is having such a problem swaying contestants to his team, but at least last night, he picked up two very talented artists.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top 13 On American Idol 13 Gave It Their Best... Whose Was Enough?

With a brand new stage and a brand new season, The Top 13 sang live for your votes for the first time. Nerves were high and evident in some contestants, but even taking that into account, I was still less-than-impressed with many of last night's performances.

This season, the contestants wait in a just-off-the-stage 'lounge' to perform. From there, they can watch their fellow artists perform front and center. I'm not sure if this is a positive thing for them or not. If one does an amazing job, it could be intimidating... conversely, if one does poorly, it could add to the others' already bubbling nerves. I guess we'll see if it has an effect as the season plays on.

The theme for last night was “This Is Me.” The contestants picked their own songs to show what defines them as artists and as persons. Last night's "This Is Me" went as follows.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Chairs Turned on Night 2 – The Voice s.6 Blind Auditions

The talent continued to shine and turn chairs on the second night of the Blind Auditions. Five more artists made their way onto judges' teams, with Adam adding two, and the other three adding one each.

Cary Laine - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Adam managed to convince R&B singer Delvin Choice to join his team. Delvin had auditioned before but turned no chairs then. He came back determined and nailed “A Song For You” so well that all four chairs turned.

With a little bit of a surprise to me (and probably everyone else), Adam was also able to add tremendous strength to his team with Cary Laine. She came out and covered “Better Dig Two” with amazing energy, presence, and power. I've heard many covers of The Band Perry's songs, but nothing like Cary performed. She has a country tone and vibe that must run strong through her veins, and it was no surprise when all four chairs turned. What was surprising, but in my opinion a very smart choice, was her picking Adam as her coach. Yes, she country... but I think Adam will be able to take her to heights like she's never seen. By far, Cary Laine was my favorite performance and top pick of the night.

Sixteen-year-old pop singer Madilyn Rose won over two coaches with “Titanium.” She seemed a little bit nervous on stage but handled it really well. She has an amazing middle range, but was a little shaky in the upper. Overall, though, Madilyn is a great vocalist and picked Usher over Shakira to be her coach.

Blake picked up Jazz singer Noah Lis. Noah's been in the music business for eleven years and performs around 250 events a year. His voice goes beyond his age and had a true Jazz feel to it. Adam turned first, with Blake holding out until the end of the last note. I'm not sure what Blake was waiting for, but Noah chose him as his coach.

Deja Hall sang “True Colors” with a maturity beyond her years and a great tone. Shakira got excited, missing her button the first time, and went up against Blake to try and add to her team. Deja's voice was soft and angelic and is a perfect fit on Team Shakira.
Credit: Trae Patton / NBC
The talent this season is simply amazing, and the judges are even funnier and more entertaining than ever. That's why The Voice is an Emmy Award winning show... we're awed by the talent, amazed by the production, and entertained by the coaches.

Tune in next Monday 8/7c on NBC for the continuation of the Blind Audition for The Voice.

Go to nbc.com/the-voice for all the great info on the judges and artists.

Who’s your favourite? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who Turned Chairs – Day 1 of The Voice s.6 Blind Auditions

“We can help these artists by putting the spotlight on their talent and sharing the knowledge we've learned along the way for the simple reason... we're artists ourselves.” -Blake Shelton

NBC Universal
Season 6 of The Voice premiered last night on NBC. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are back and are joined this season by Shakira and Usher.

As many of you may have heard or read, CeeLo Green will not be returning, ever. Sorry, I can't say I'm surprised at this and believe this can only make the show better, both for the viewers and the contestants.

While Shakira and Usher occasionally fill in for CeeLo and Christina, I really hope Usher considers staying on permanently. I think he is way more qualified than CeeLo to coach rising stars and would be much more beneficial and instructive to those on his team in making them become the best artists they can be. Shakira is great, and I'm fine with her or Christina. Both Usher and Shakira blend well with Blake and Adam, and the chemistry between all four (which is a vital and expected element on The Voice) is perfect.

Well, Season 6 started off with a whole new caliber of talent. This was only the first night of Blind Auditions, and if last night set the 'talent bar' that high... it's going to be next to impossible to pick a winner early on.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Introducing The Lovelocks – A Country Duo Sensation

“Life is only just a moment - Make the moment last.”

After releasing their debut EP on February 11, 2014, Ali Raney and Zoe Heuman of The Lovelocks were shown lots of love.

While it isn't all that uncommon for an album to climb the charts fast the day its released, it is uncommon for a debut album, from a relatively unknown artist, with next to no radio play, to chart #2 (on iTunes Canada Country Albums) on release day... but then again, The Lovelocks are anything but common.

Credit: Stephen MacLeod / The Lovelocks
Calling Toronto home, Ali and Zoe met in 2003, while being involved with their Church's music program. After a few years, they began writing songs together, and in 2012 decided to combine their talents into the amazing duo we now know as The Lovelocks.

The name they chose for themselves is both creative and symbolic to much of what they stand for—a true commitment to love people, be them friends, family, strangers, and even enemies (which, hopefully, never come). This is what is going to take them and their talent very far.