Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Teams Are Full – Let The Battles Ensue – The Voice (s.6) – Recap

Last night was the end of the Blind Auditions, and the coaches' teams are now full. Next Monday at 8/7c on NBC the Battle Rounds begin. Two teammates sing off against each other, with only one emerging victorious and continuing on. All is not lost, however, for the one who does not win the battle... each coach has some “Saves” and can steal the defeated singer.

Each coach had only one spot to fill, and the pressure must have been extreme for the remaining contestants still to perform for a slot. The coaches were picky and wanted the best.

Kaleigh - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Blake was first to fill his team after Kaleigh Glanton sang “Have You Seen The Rain.” Her voice was different – almost soft and powerful at the same time. She turned all four chairs, and eventually chose Blake.

Brittnee - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Team Usher was completed by Brittnee Camelle. She performed “Skyscraper,” and in the beginning, it didn't look good for her. She started way down in the lower register, which did not suit her or the song. Thankfully, as the song progressed she moved more to the mid and upper range and sounded really amazing. She's got a strong voice and great control. Both Usher and Shakira finally turned... and Usher won out.

Lindsay - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Shakira picked up country singer Lindsay Bruce. Lindsay's rendition of “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” won the hearts of Adam and Shakira. Like Brittnee, however, Lindsay began a little too deep and low for the song. It may just be me personally, but I find not many singers (especially female artists) perform well that low down the scale. She also worked up the scale and sounded great in the higher ranges. When Adam turned his chair, Lindsay just lit up and suddenly you could her the 'happy' in her voice, which I think prompted Shakira to follow Adam in turning. I really enjoyed Lindsay's sound and think Shakira will be able to take her far.

Caleb - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Adam was the last one to fill his team. Finally, when Caleb Elder hit the stage with “Groove Me,” Adam turned. Caleb's confidence and strong sound really intriqued Adam, and he was the final contestant to fill the final spot.

Next week, The Battle Rounds begin. If the format stays the same, forty-eight artists will become thirty-two after the Battles. I'm will not say who I think will make the cut, because it really all comes down to who is paired with whom. We don't know that yet, so... we'll just have to wait and see.

The coaches, next week, will bring in the mentors to help them and their artists become the best they can be. Miranda Lambert joins Shakira (she made good on her promise). The Band Perry assists Blake. Aloe Blacc will be with Adam... and Jill Scott helps Usher.

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Watch next Monday (8/7c on NBC) as The Battle Rounds begin!

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