Sunday, March 15, 2015

'The Voice' Battle Rounds - Battle Pairs and Songs - Monday & Tuesday (Part 3 & 4)

This Monday and Tuesday will conclude the Battle Rounds for Season 8 of The Voice. The pairs have been set, and the songs have been chosen.
There are only three Steals left to be used in the upcoming twelve remaining Battles - one each for Adam, Christina, and Pharrell... Which artist will be victorious? And which three artists will be saved by a Steal?
Find out Monday and Tuesday on The Voice on NBC

Here is the remaing list of Battle pairs and what songs they will be singing (along with my predicted outcomes:
(In no particular order)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'The Voice' - 2nd Night Battle Pairs

Well, after the Blind Auditions, I have to say that Pharrell seems to have the strongest team this season. In fact, I think most of the future Battle / Knockout Steals will be used on current members of his team, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if most of this season's Top 20 were originally part of Team Pharrell.

Just a quick recap:
The Battle Rounds started last night after the final Blind Auditions. Adam put up James McNeiece against Tonya Boyd-Cannon. Although I thought James performed a little better than Tonya, Adam declared Tonya the winner. No steal was used on James.
Blake paired Brian Johnson and Joshua Davis. I had no clue who he'd pick. Although I thought Brian was vocally edging over Joshua, their performances were dead even. Blake did choose Brian, and Adam stole Joshua.
Pharrell's Battle pair was Ashley Morgan and Mia Z. Again, both were amazing, but I definitely felt more from Ashley's performance. And, although both were great vocally, I felt more depth from Ashley. Christina commented on this as well, but Pharrell obviously saw something else and picked Mia as the winner. The other three coaches ALL pushed to steal Ashley, and she decided to move over to Christina's team.

And now tonight's Battles: