About Me...

Freelance Writer / Blogger / Editor

I've always had a passion for entertainment and music, but I'm a writer - not a performer.

So, I write about others who sing and act.

While I enjoy 'main stream' music and artists, I've found that MANY independent artists are extremely talented and deserve more attention and exposure. I'm hoping this blog will help with that... and maybe you'll find yourself a new favorite artist.

Here you will get an honest interpretation... a personal opinion... an individual explanation. I strive not to be like other entertainment news sources, in that I'm not a big fan of "question and answer" type of stories. I want to add personality... a personal touch... not just facts but feelings too.

I hope I can give you a different take on many things and show you things you may not have otherwise seen or heard.

Thanks for visiting, and thank you for reading.