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'The Voice' Playoffs Night Two

Tyler Golden / NBC
 "The Playoffs is where the artists become stars before our very eyes." 
~ Christina

In keeping with the pattern of the past seasons, the second night of Playoffs were (mostly) stripped down performances. I think both nights should be that way. When you're going from Top 20 to Top 12 ... it really should be ALL about the vocals. But, that just may be me.

Last night Team Adam's and Team Christina's artists had their turns on the stage, and overall, it was a great show.

So let's recap Team Adam.

 Tonya ("Take Me To The Pilot") has a truly God-given gospel voice. Her entire performance was vocally strong and seemed to resound through and off everything. Historically, gospel music has worked well for artists early on in the competition, but I feel people may take (too much) into account that she was a little stiff in the performing aspect of her piece.

Joshua ("Budapest") has a strong personality, and he injects it all into his performances. His upper range was a little off last night, and I think everything would have been much better if he had not brought out his guitar. Overall I enjoyed it, and even though it wasn't his best... it was still pretty great.

Brian ("At This Moment") started out sounding a tad breathy (guessing nerves), but then released the power that he is very capable of. His vocals were strong, and there is just a simple pureness about his delivery. Brian is one Adam really needs to keep around.

Nathan ("Chains") seemed to full of nerves to fully show us who he is as a vocalist. His performance was solid and fun to watch, but he played it a little safer than he should and really didn't exhibit the range he needed to stand out among the group.  I like Nathan, but...

Deanna Johnson - Photo: Trae Patton / NBC
Deanna ("Down To The River To Pray") came out of herself and, for lack of a better word, exploded on stage. Everything from her wardrobe to her vocals was perfect for the song. I did question the song choice until the first note came out of her. It was absolutely Angelic and nothing less. I can't even imagine that no chairs turned for her in Season 5, because last night there was nothing but pure, powerful, and solid vocals. Definitely one of the Top 2 of the night!

Team Adam's Top 3 (Predictions)
Deanna Johnson (with no doubt) will be voted into the Top 12.
Joshua will advance by votes.

Adam's pick is much less certain, but I think he will (and should) keep Brian.

What was Team Christina like? Well...

Sonic ("I'm Going Down") did alright. She had a strong soulful sound and her vocals were solid and steady, but like many of the artists last night, she didn't really show that wide of a range. Maybe it was the 'stripped down' versions, but many including Sonic, seemed to be holding back last night.

Kimberly ("What's Up") came out and hit every right note. I was not a fan of the wardrobe choice, but her vocals were great and she earned herself a rather extended standing ovation from the judges and crowd.

Lexi ("All By Myself") hit the stage and gave an extremely strong and convincing performance, despite her age in relation to the lyrics and message of the song. Her vocal power and control cannot be denied, and I felt that Lexi gave one of the Top 2 performances of the night. I admit, I was confused that she didn't get the standing ovation from the judges. For me, she produced the whole package last night.

India ("Hurt") was given one of her coach's songs to perform. I can only imagine how that could make India feel honored and nervous at the same time. She was very strong, but I really noticed how much her A Cappella training and performing past came out in that song. While she did an amazing job, I found her vocals were often trying to overtake the music. She received (and deserved) the second standing ovation from the judges.

Rob ("Earned It") has one of those immeasurable range abilities with his voice. Whether it be low or high, he hits every note with unnatural precision. The song was perfectly arranged to showcase his ability, but not so much as to make it a spectacle. It was very well done and almost got a standing ovation... Adam must have been too tired to stand.

Team Christina's Top 3 (Predictions) -- What I think will happen, not necessarily what I want to happen...
Kimberly Nichole will be voted through to next week.
India Carney will be put through by votes.

Christina's choice I think will come down to Lexi Dávila and Rob Taylor. Both did really well. I personally think Lexi killed it last night, but I think Christina is going to go forward with Rob.

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