Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Battles Round 2 – The Voice (s.6) – Recap of 2nd night

The 2nd night of Battles Round 2 was (with one exception) more laid back than previous Battle Rounds. There were only four battles played out (one was clipped), leaving six more for next Monday.

Sisaundra & Biff - Credit: NBC
1. TEAM BLAKE: Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis (“It's A Man's Man's Man's World”)

Tremendous and unearthly power – Pretty much all that can be said about this battle. Biff was just a bit more animated. Last battle he gave us a 'Biff Kick,' and this battle we got a 'Biff Shake.' Sisaundra had a touch more 'attitude' (the good kind), and when she hit that nuclear note, I think the world stopped for a moment. Both were flawless. Both were powerhouses. Both received standing ovations from the judges, with Adam adding that he's fairly certain Sisaundra is “not from planet Earth.”
Winner: Sisaundra
Steal: No (Only Adam would have been able to)

Ddendyl & Deja - Credit: NBC
2. TEAM SHAKIRA: Ddendyl vs. Deja Hall (“Say Something”)
During rehearsals Ddental was struggling with her stage presence, and Deja had a hard time connecting to the song. When they took the battle stage, however, both seemed to have worked out their struggles.
While Ddental does have a unique sounding tone, I found her performance last night sounded 'nasally' and forced. In the past I enjoyed her voice, but this time... not so much.
Deja has such a natural softness in her vocals. When she sings, I can't help but feel like I'm immersed in a Disney movie. I think Shakira described it perfectly as being both earthly and heavenly at the same time. She really is a joy to listen to, and I think she nailed the performance last night.
Winner: Deja Hall
Steal: No

3. TEAM SHAKIRA: Emily B. vs. Kristen Merlin (“I Can Love You Better”)
* This battle was clipped for time and we only saw seconds of the battle with the result.
Winner: Kristen Merlin
Steal: No

Stevie Jo & Morgan - Credit: NBC
4. TEAM USHER: Stevie Jo vs. Morgan Wallen (“Story Of My Life”)
You really couldn't put two more different artists up against each other, but during the battle, they seemed to harmonize perfectly together, while maintaining their individual styles.
Stevie Jo sings more in the upper register and has a really solid and broad range. Morgan, on the other hand, tends to stay quite low and has a deeper and rougher sound. Both did really well, and Morgan surprised us, the coaches, and himself by producing a perfect falsetto. Based only on my personal taste, though, I would pick Stevie Jo.
Winner: Stevie Jo
Steal: Yes (Adam)

Next Monday is the final round of Battles Round 2. Adam and Usher both have two pending battles. Shakira and Blake have one battle each left to be fought. And, Blake is the only coach left with a steal. It's kind of interesting to note that Blake is also the only coach that has not yet had anyone from his team stolen by another judge.

Who will win the remaining battles? On whom will Blake use his steal?
Find out next Monday on NBC's The Voice.

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