Saturday, August 31, 2013

Music Review: Arabella Jones "Let's Roll"

Arabella Jones: An independent, up-and-coming Country Music Star.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Arabella Jones discovered her love for singing when she joined the choir in middle school. Arabella was instantly hooked, and her powerful soprano voice was destined for the world of country music.

In 2011, Arabella launched her YouTube channel, where she posts mostly covers of her favorite country music artists. It wasn’t long before she developed a large online following, and her fans (whom call themselves “Bellaholics”) continued to increase over time. On February 15, 2013, her YouTube channel hit 1 million views, and as of today, she has over 23000 YouTube subscribers – over 40000 Facebook fans – and over 106000 Twitter followers.

None of that is really surprising, because her vocals are amazing; her personality is genuine; and her performances are real. Her covers of The Band Perry and Carrie Underwood (two of my favorites) were phenomenal, and her cover of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” kind of replaced Taylor in my playlist. Yes... Arabella’s is better.

Arabella is currently working on a full album with her band in Houston, but her lead single “Let’s Roll” is set to be released on Tuesday September 3, 2013, and it's going to take the country music world by storm!

Arabella’s choice of “Let’s Roll” as the lead off song for her first album could not have been a better one. The first five seconds of the song set you up for an amazing ride. Those five seconds are slow and quiet before exploding into a powerful country beat. It’s like the start of a drag race. As the amber lights slowly blink down to green, you have those few seconds of anticipation before you pound the accelerator and go full throttle, and that's what Arabella does with "Let's Roll." 

With just a hint of rock “Let’s Roll” is still country at its core. The playful and almost flirty lyrics give the song personality, but it’s Arabella who gives that personality life. “I’ve got a winch to pull your little Tonka truck out of the ditch,” she playfully teases as she invites the boys to “shift down and start this party.” You can feel the playfulness in the song because Arabella immerses herself completely into the lyrics. She doesn’t just sing them... she has fun with them, and that’s what makes a great song and a great artist.

One of Arabella’s strong musical influences is Carrie Underwood, and that influence comes out in “Let’s Roll.” Like Carrie Underwood, Arabella puts so much passion into the performance that you can’t help but feel the power and energy in the song. Arabella nailed it with "Let's Roll." Her fans are going to love it... All country music fans are going to love it!

Arabella’s vocals are perfectly suited for country music. Her voice has a depth and maturity to it that is not often found... but it’s not just her great vocals that will take her far in this journey. She is real and true to herself, and those two things make her relatable. Her fans see that and respond positively to that. I can't see anything stopping Arabella from becoming a global country music superstar. Watch out Nashville... Arabella’s about to “start this party”!

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