Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who Will Win “The Voice” Season 6?

We watched as forty-eight became twenty... then twelve. Favorites were picked and voting began as we went from twelve to ten to eight to five and finally to the Top 3.

Tyler Golden / NBC
I have to say—this has been one of the best seasons of The Voice yet. Christina Grimmie, Jake Worthington, and Josh Kaufman have given some of the most incredible performances on any singing competition show... ever! If each season gets better, I can't even imagine what Season Seven is going to be like.

This season has also seen and felt it's share of controversy and criticism, but I'm not going to even touch on that subject. Regardless of the rumors and accusations being bounced around by others, first and foremost, it's about the artists. I think it would be completely unfair and unjustified to cloud or diminish their moments in the spotlight. They are all very talented and deserve undivided attention. That is all... 
As for last night, it was intense.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) – Semi-Final Top 5 – Recap

Universal Studios was on fire last night as the Top 5 performed for your votes with the hopes of making it to next week's The Voice finale. With only three spots available, I can't even imagine the pressure everyone was under, but every one of them performed amazingly and flawlessly. Whatever happens, I say all of them are winners already.

Tyler Golden / NBC
Each performed two songs—one chosen by their respective coaches and one chosen by them as a dedication to there 'home.' I felt all the song choices were great and well suited to each contestant. Adam did go a different way with his choices, and I think the direction he wanted to take his artists (and the show) was refreshing and smart, but I'm not sure if America did.

Opening the semi-finals was Usher singing his new single “Good Kisser.” Usher always performs well, and I'm not sure if it was just very hot on stage or if it was part of the staging for his song but sweat (or water) was flying off him every time he turned his head. It was a great performance... especially since he appeared to be actually singing live... unlike a certain previous coach.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) – Top 8 – Recap & Predictions

Each week gets a bit more stressful, and each week we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to very talented artists. Last week was tough. Tess Boyer and (to my surprise) Bria Kelly received the lowest number of votes and were sent home.
Last night, the Top 8 performed... and tonight, three of them go home. You really can't get more stress than that.

It was an interesting night. Adam's now a blond (and that's all I'm saying about that). Next season's two new coaches introduced themselves with great performances. And, one contestant rocked the stage in a way that may have been THE defining and turning point in her career.

Everyone performed their best, but next week's semi-finales has only five spots.