Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'The Voice' Top 10 Predictions!

Season Seven of The Voice continued last night with the Top 12 performances, and after tonight's results show, we will know who will comprise this season's Top 10.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that all of Team Adam will be safe tonight.
The other three teams... well...

Sugar Joans - Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC
Team Pharrell (I think) will suffer the first casualty tonight as we say goodbye to Sugar Joans. Honestly, I don't think it had anything to do with her performance last night. Her vocals were great. She held a fairly strong presence on the stage. Overall, she gave a very solid performance.
I just feel the song choice was not the best for where they are in the competition. Fighting to get from the Top 12 to the Top 10, you really need to not only showcase your vocal talents but also connect with the audience. Unfortunately, performing a song that is much older than Sugar Joans herself will often not form that much needed connection. It was just the wrong song for this stage of the competition.

Rounding out the Bottom 3 tonight will probably be Ryan Sill (Team Gwen) and Reagan James (Team Blake).

Ryan's song choice was alright, but I felt (maybe because of uncontrolled nerves) his vocals were rather weak. He seemed flat and inconsistent during most of his performance, and I'm not sure it was well enough to advance him to the Top 10.

Reagan James - Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC
Reagan did really well last night, but I found her song choice didn't really allow her to showcase her full range of vocals or allow her to really explode on stage. She sang the song almost perfectly, and she did put forward an energetic and personable performance. She used the stage really well and interacted with the audience in a way that did bring up the energy around her. It worked well, but we didn't get to see the 'FULL' Reagan James.

Overall, the 'Instant-Save' tonight will come down to Ryan and Reagan. Gwen saved Ryan last week (which surprised me. I thought she'd go with Bryana Salaz), but she can't save him this week.

So... Tonight's Bottom 3 predictions are Sugar Joans, Ryan Sill, and Reagan James. The 'Instant-Save' might be close, but I'm confident it will save Reagan!

Tune in Tonight on NBC to find out who does make the Top 10 on The Voice

Who do you think will be leaving?
Share your predictions in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Voice" - Top 12 Predictions

I've noticed that Season 7 of 'The Voice' seems to have toned down production a bit compared to the past few seasons. There is a noticeable decrease in theatrics while on stage and an increased focus on the actual contestant and the vocals.

I've also noticed that if you look at this season's Top 20, they are all pretty much on par with each other when it comes to vocals and growth potential... In other words (in my opinion), there are no real 'ringers' this season.

The show has added an App for viewers to engage, and this season, it's voting that will pick most of the Top 12. (I'm pretty sure that votes will choose two for each team, and the respective coach will pick the third).

So... who do I think will comprise the Top 12 for Season 7 of 'The Voice'?
Here's the break-down of my predictions:

Team Adam
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Matt McAndrew
     2. Damien

Adam will choose:
     3. Mia Pfirrman

Team Gwen
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Taylor John Williams
     2. Anita Antoinette

Gwen will choose:
     3. Bryana Salaz

Team Pharrell
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Luke Wade
     2. Sugar Joans

Pharrell will choose:
     3. Jean Kelley (But with Pharrell... he may end up choosing Elyjuh Rene... I just don't know)

Team Blake
Viewers' Votes will choose:
     1. Craig Wade Boyd
     2. Reagan James

Blake will choose:
     3. Jessie Pitts

Tune in tonight at 8et on NBC to see who will make it into the Top 12

Photos: NBC Universal