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Blake Continues To Struggle Trying To Fill His Team – The Voice (s.6) Blind Auditions – 3rd Night

“The only thing that matters in Blind Auditions is discovering amazing voices, and that's why we're here.” ~Adam Levine

Going into last night's Blind Auditions, Blake had only two artists on his roster. By the end of night, he managed to acquire two more. I'm not sure why Blake is having such a problem swaying contestants to his team, but at least last night, he picked up two very talented artists.

Ryan Whyte Maloney - Credit:Tyler Golden / NBC
First up last night to join Team Blake was Ryan Whyte Maloney. He turned all four chairs with his rendition of “Lights,” and Blake finally scooped up a powerful singer. Ryan has a great sound, and his personality and stage presence easily won over the crowd. He showed incredible range and is definitely going to be one of Blake's heavy hitters.

Blake's only other pickup of the evening was bluesy sounding and soulful powerhouse Sisaundra Lewis. Again all four chairs turned for her performance of “Ain't No Way,” and Blake managed to convince her to join his team. She's got amazingly powerful and controlled vocals with a range that seems to know no bounds. So, Blake's team is slowly but powerfully beginning to build itself up.

Shakira added three artists to her team. She picked up soul singer Deshawn Washington after his take on “Twistin' The Night Away.” She was the only one who turned, and it was a good call on her part. He has the energy and has nice solid vocals... so a great grab for her.
Her second grab was also a solo chair turn by her. Lindsay Pagano performed “Lady Marmalade.” Though we did get to see her full performance, it was enough to see that Shakira scored another great vocalist.

Clarissa Serna - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
The third artist she added to her team was a four chair turn. Clarissa Serna took the stage with “Zombie” and amazed us and all the coaches. She does have the experience and showed great personality (which often is key in winning over fans). Her voice had a touch of roughness which she worked to make the song hers and made the song great. Walking into the Blinds, she wanted Usher as coach, but Shakira made some great points, and I think Clarissa made the right decision in going with Shakira.

Team Adam also acquired three more artists. After singing “This Is What It Feels Like,” Joshua Howard turned two chairs. This was another shortened showing of his performance, but Adam beat out Shakira when it came to whom was picked.
Patrick Thomson also turned two chairs with his song “Can't You See.” He had a kind of raspy / folky / country tone. His vocals were good enough for Adam and Blake, and Blake lost out again when Patrick chose Adam.

Sam Behymer - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Sam Behymer only turned two chairs (which surprised me) with her unique rendition of “Royals.” Honestly, I've never been a fan of that song, but how she sang it... and with her unique voice... I heard the song in a whole new way, and I loved it. Adam very quickly turned his chair – followed a bit later by Usher. She did seem a little nervous and there were a few times she strayed off key, but overall it was an amazing performance, and it's easy to see how great she can and will be as the competition moves forward. Adam was honest with her, and I think that may have won him her choice for coach. That was a very smart decision for her, as I believe Adam is the one that can catapult her to amazing new heights.

Also picking up three new members last night, Usher added Tanner James after “Heaven” seem to move only him, but you only need one chair to move forward. Usher was also the sole chair that turned for the Brothers Walker after their rendition of “Keep Me In Mind.” Cody and Clint Walker are identical twins and do harmonize great together. They've had many musical experiences over their lives and currently own a small recording studio, so it will be interesting to see how far their experience will take them.

Melissa Jiménez was the third person to join Team Usher. She's currently involved with her father's ten piece band, and has been heavily influenced by Jazz, Latin, and Soul, and her performance of “It I Ain't Got You” definitely showed that. She was once signed to a record label, but for undisclosed reasons, it didn't work out. She began her piece singing A Capella, which showcased the pure power and control of her vocals. The rest of the song she was backed by the band, and she did more than enough to turn Usher and Shakira. Ultimately, after Usher dropped a bunch of big names, Melissa forwent her Latin connection with Shakira and chose Usher.

After the third night, Blake is still lagging a little bit behind with only four artists on his team. Shakira is next with six members. Usher and Adam both have seven, but as it stand right now, I personally think Adam still has the strongest team. It's still early, though, and Blake does have eight open spots... so really, it's still anyone's game.

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