Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'The Voice' (s.6) Recap – Battle Rounds 4th Night

The final battles of the first round are complete. Instead of moving to the Knockout Round as in previous seasons, the advancing artists move on to a second round of Battles. To win the first round, they had to be good... to win the second round, they're going to have to be great. There is only one steal per coach in this round, and the contestants (once they find out with whom they will battling) must both agree on the song choice. This round will definitely be interesting and stressful.

Tuesday's winners battled hard, and for the most part, I agreed with the coaches' decisions.

Cary & Sam - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
1. TEAM ADAM: Cary Laine vs. Sam Behymer (“Give Me Love”)
Adam's song choice pulled both Cary and Sam outside of their comfort zones. Cary was strong in her performance and added her country personality and style, which I thought was a great touch. Sam started a little high and pitchy but eventually found her pocket and style. Both did have some problems, but I found Cary to be a little stronger and consistent. Yes, Sam does have a one-of-a-kind style and voice, and I do enjoy her vocals, but I had to disagree with Adam's choice this time.
Winner: Sam Behymer
Steal: No

2. TEAM BLAKE: Kaleigh Glanton vs. Noah Lis (“Everything”)
These two were pretty evenly matched and fought a great battle. I love Kaleigh's sound, and she has great power and beautiful harmonies. Noah did well vocally and had solid control, but Usher thought it was too much of a “lounge” performance. Both did well, but I agree with Blake and his choice.
Winner: Kaleigh Glanton
Steal: No

Then the Montage came - and the winners were...

3. TEAM BLAKE: Cali Tucker vs. Ryan Whyte Maloney (“What's Love Got To Do With It”)
Winner: Ryan Whyte Maloney
Steal: No

4. TEAM ADAM: Christina Grimmie vs. Josh Kaufman (“I Knew You Were Trouble”)
Winner: Christina Grimmie
Steal: No

5. TEAM SHAKIRA: Kristen Merlin vs. Lindsay Bruce (“Turn On The Radio”)
Winner: Kristin Merlin
Steal: No

6. TEAM SHAKIRA: Cierra Mickens vs. Emily B. (“Brave”)
This one was a very tough battle, and I really didn't envy Shakira's position. The only thing that made it kind of easy was knowing this was the final battle and Usher still had a Steal to use, so we knew that whomever Shakira picked, the other would become part of Team Usher.
Both Cierra and Emily were full of energy when they hit the stage. Both had strong and great personalities to match their powerful and solid performances. It was a great song choice for them, and a very entertaining battle to watch.
Winner: Emily B.
Steal: Usher

Anyone find it strange/amusing that Shakira stole only from Team Adam; Blake and Adam stole only from Team Usher; Usher stole only from Team Shakira... and NO ONE stole from Team Blake? Just saying...

Tune in next Monday on NBC to watch (for the first time ever) Round 2 of The Battles. Chris Martin from Cold Play will be the advisor for ALL the remaining contestants. They are going to have to bring their all and be absolutely amazing if they want to move on to the Playoffs.

See you next week!

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