Sunday, March 16, 2014

The 1st Battle Rounds Pairing Revealed – Predictions – ‘The Voice’ (s.6)

The pairings and song choices for Monday’s Battle Rounds have been revealed by The Voice (as reported in EntertainmentWeekly).

Tune in Monday at 8/7c on NBC as the Battle Rounds begin!

The winners of the Battle Rounds move on to the Knockouts, but the coaches do have two Steals each, but there will be twenty-four battles, so the coaches will have to use their steals wisely.

The pairings, song choices, and my predictions (in no particular order) are listed below.

1. Kat Perkins vs Patrick Thomson (“Whenever I Call You Friend”)
The song choice is a little better suited for Patrick’s raspy rock tone, but I think Kat has a bit more of a stage presence and better energy.
Predicted Winner: Kat Perkins
Steal Prediction: Yes (by Blake)

1. Jake Worthington vs Lexi Luca (“It Goes Like This”)
Jake has a pure and natural country tone that reminds me a little of Randy Travis. Lexi has a very solid country tone. Again, I think this will come down to stage presence and energy.
Predicted Winner: Lexi Luca
Steal Prediction: No

2. Paula Deanda vs Sisaundra Lewis (“Do What U Want”)
Paula has good range, but during her Blind Audition, her control was a little uncertain at times. Sisaundra has amazing range, and her tone and control was more consistent. However, this one will come down to song choice, and I think it may be more suited for Paula.
Predicted Winner: Paula Deanda
Steal Prediction: Yes (by Shakira)

1. Dani Moz vs Deshawn Washington (“My Kind Of Love”)
Both only turned one chair, and both are about equal in talent and quality. This one could go either way and will depend on who brings it in the Battle Round.
Predicted Winner: Dani Moz
Steal Prediction: No

1. Giff Gore vs T.J. Williams (“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”)
Both have a great Blues and Soul sound to their voices. Biff adds great feeling to his performance, but T.J. seems to have more depth to his sound.
Predicted Winner: T.J. Wilkens
Steal Prediction: Possible (by Blake or Adam)

2. Jake Barker vs Stevie Jo (“Higher Love”)
Both Jake and Stevie sing a little high in the register. Jake sometimes sounded somewhat ‘windy’ in his Blind Audition, and thought Stevie only turned one chair, I felt he was more controlled.
Predicted Winner: Stevie Jo
Steal Prediction: No

The Voice Mondays/Tuesdays on NBC
What are your predictions?

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