Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blake Adds Some Serious Fire-Power – The Voice (s.6) Blind Auditions Night 5 Recap

Last night, the talent was high, and the stakes were even higher as the coaches fought to fill their teams with those they think can bring a win. Shakira added two artists to her team. After turning her chair more than a few times, she finally managed to starting filling her roster. She picked up gospel trained and powerful vocalist Cierra Mickens after her strong rendition of “Crazy” turned three chairs. Also joining Team Shakira was Ddendyl. Trained in opera but now more Blues and Jazz, Ddendyl performance of “Stand By Me” was enough to grab Shakira's attention.

Jake Barker - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Team Usher welcomed two singers. First to join the ranks was Jake Barker. He's done YouTube videos, but has never before performed live with an audience (or on a stage). Well, his first live performance, doing “When I Was Your Man” was good enough to turn three chairs. Adam and Shakira fought a good battle, but lost Jake to Usher. Usher also picked up Tess Boyer after her rendition of “Wings.” We didn't get to see much of her, as she was one of four compiled into the 'famous' quick-clip.

Adam had a good night, picking up four artists. During the quick-clip, we learned he added Josh Murley (“The Freshman”) and Austin Ellis (“Drift Away) with no competition from the other coaches.
With his deep and raspy voice, Josh Kaufman turned all four chairs (only one of the night) with “One More Try.” Adam turned almost instantly, and he ultimately won Josh over.
Kat Perkins - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Kat Perkins, however, was the biggest grab for Adam. The once country girl, now turned rocker, spun three chairs with her performance of “Gold Dust Woman.” Currently a full-time nanny, Kat showed amazing energy, great range and control, and just an all-around incredible rock vibe. She was one of my Top 3 of the night, and I wonder if there will now be a Nanny-Battle in the future.

After somewhat of a slow start, Blake hit it huge last night. He picked up four great singers, with two of them rounding out my Top 3 performances of the night. Blake beat out Shakira and picked up Paula Deanda after she sang “The Way.” Paula had been signed in the past and was looking to restart her music career.
Cali Tucker (“Black Velvet”), shown during the quick-clip also joined Team Blake.

Ria Eaton - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Then came Ria Eaton... her unique voice and style lit up the stage with “Cups (When I'm Gone).” Her sound was captivating, and at first, I wasn't too fond of the arrangement choices she made for the song. Near the end, however, she opened up and nailed it. Blake and Shakira turned at the final moment (thank goodness). Ria chose Blake as her coach, and I honestly can't wait to see where he can take her. She really does have an amazing and unique voice... also one of my Top 3.
Alaska and Madi - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Soon after that, the powerful duo Alaska and Madi (Alaska Holloway and Madison Metclaf) mesmerized us with “Barton Hollow.” They met when they were twelve-years-old on American Kids and quickly formed a very close friendship. Seven years later, and more like sisters, the closeness and connection they share with each other is evident through their singing. Besides their vocal power, range, and control, they harmonize beautifully with no effort. It seemed that when they were on stage, they become one. Their harmony, their dynamics... their entire performance was so perfectly in tune and synchronized that it was awe-inspiring. What they did cannot be taught. They round out my Top 3 of the night and certainly fall well within my Top 5 overall, so far.

  There's only one more night of Blind Auditions, and the coaches each have only one spot left to fill. The competition to even turn a chair will be tight, and the battle of the coaches to win the artist they want will be fierce.

Tune in tonight (Tuesday) for the final Blind Auditions... 8/7c on NBC.

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