Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Chairs Turned on Night 2 – The Voice s.6 Blind Auditions

The talent continued to shine and turn chairs on the second night of the Blind Auditions. Five more artists made their way onto judges' teams, with Adam adding two, and the other three adding one each.

Cary Laine - Credit: Tyler Golden / NBC
Adam managed to convince R&B singer Delvin Choice to join his team. Delvin had auditioned before but turned no chairs then. He came back determined and nailed “A Song For You” so well that all four chairs turned.

With a little bit of a surprise to me (and probably everyone else), Adam was also able to add tremendous strength to his team with Cary Laine. She came out and covered “Better Dig Two” with amazing energy, presence, and power. I've heard many covers of The Band Perry's songs, but nothing like Cary performed. She has a country tone and vibe that must run strong through her veins, and it was no surprise when all four chairs turned. What was surprising, but in my opinion a very smart choice, was her picking Adam as her coach. Yes, she country... but I think Adam will be able to take her to heights like she's never seen. By far, Cary Laine was my favorite performance and top pick of the night.

Sixteen-year-old pop singer Madilyn Rose won over two coaches with “Titanium.” She seemed a little bit nervous on stage but handled it really well. She has an amazing middle range, but was a little shaky in the upper. Overall, though, Madilyn is a great vocalist and picked Usher over Shakira to be her coach.

Blake picked up Jazz singer Noah Lis. Noah's been in the music business for eleven years and performs around 250 events a year. His voice goes beyond his age and had a true Jazz feel to it. Adam turned first, with Blake holding out until the end of the last note. I'm not sure what Blake was waiting for, but Noah chose him as his coach.

Deja Hall sang “True Colors” with a maturity beyond her years and a great tone. Shakira got excited, missing her button the first time, and went up against Blake to try and add to her team. Deja's voice was soft and angelic and is a perfect fit on Team Shakira.
Credit: Trae Patton / NBC
The talent this season is simply amazing, and the judges are even funnier and more entertaining than ever. That's why The Voice is an Emmy Award winning show... we're awed by the talent, amazed by the production, and entertained by the coaches.

Tune in next Monday 8/7c on NBC for the continuation of the Blind Audition for The Voice.

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