Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And... 'The Voice' Winner Will be...

Photo: Trae Patton / NBC
Tonight brings to an end Season 7 of The Voice, and I don't think the competition could have been closer. We didn't really have all the 'glitz and glamor' that we did in previous season, but we did end up with four talented and capable performers. So who will be "The Voice" of Season 7?

Even though Damien's vocals are strong, for whatever reasons, his songs just never connected as much as he needed them too. Being voted back as the 'Wildcard' shows he has a strong fan base, but I don't think that's enough.

Craig came in and kind of ping-ponged between Blake and Gwen for a few weeks, and I think that was the best thing that could have happened. Having insight from two very different but great artists can only benefit someone stepping into the business.
Craig grew every week, and I'm sure that regardless of tonight's outcome, he is going to be very busy and very successful in the coming months, and I am very much looking forward to his next and new album!

Chris Jamison - Photo: Trae Patton / NBC
So, with that said, tonight's Final Two will be Matt and Chris. Both are strong performers. Both connect well with their audiences, and both are going to have great careers. However, I feel Chris' song choices and 'industry appeal' were stronger overall, especially last night, and that's what's going to give him the edge needed to inch out the tonight's win.

So, my predictions for tonight are...
4th - Damien
3rd - Craig
2nd - Matt
'The Voice' - Chris

What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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