Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"The Voice" - Week Two - Blind Auditions (Tuesday)


“You have to hear confidence. You have to hear experience. You have to hear conviction... literally in a very short amount of time. You have to hear it all.”
- CeeLo Green

The team rosters are almost complete, and soon, the battles will begin. Last night was the fourth round of Blind Auditions, leaving only one round left for the coaches to complete their teams.

The talent last night was flowing hard and fast, and the coaches where ‘fighting’ just as hard to entice the artists onto their teams. CeeLo picked up only two artists last night: Past gospel trio group member R. Anthony and fitness/dance instructor Keaira Lashe. Team CeeLo now has three empty slots to fill next week.

Blake managed to win over three singers last night, leaving just two spots open on Team Blake. Sam Cerniglia, a wedding/event singer turned Blake’s chair and CeeLo’s chair. His rendition of “It’s a Beautiful Day” was energetic and his range rather broad, but he sounded too much like a wedding singer. Cerniglia is very talented, and Blake is the one that will be able to expand his talent and range beyond that of ‘the wedding singer.’ Also joining Blake’s team is fifteen-year-old Emily Randolph and country singer Justin Chain.

Adam scored big last night, picking up three very strong voices. Will Champlin won over three chairs with his incredible voice and amazing rendition of “Not Over You.” With his steady pitch and great range, Champlin will take Team Adam pretty far.
After all four chairs turned, Adam was able to take Ashley Dubose away from Blake, Christina, and CeeLo. She was definitely the coaches favorite of the night, and though her performance of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” was absolutely solid and truly amazing, it just didn’t grab me. She’s got the talent and a great coach. I’m curious to see where that will take her.
Adam’s major score of the night, however, was James Irwin. Irwin auditioned for The Voice last season, but no chairs turned for him. People often say the second time around is always better, and Irwin proved that beyond any doubts this season while performing “Losing My Religion." His personality, his control, and his rocker edge made watching him the highlight of the night. He put everything of himself into that song, and all four chairs turned. James Irwin is a rocker at heart and is perfectly at home on Team Adam and one of my top two picks for the night. Amazing performance.

Christina’s already powerhouse of a team picked up three singers, leaving her only one slot to complete her team. Team Xtina added seventeen-year-old Amber Nicole and cruise ship entertainer Stephanie Anne Johnson. Christina also managed to win over the very talented country singer Olivia Henken. 
Henken has been singing since she was four-years-old, has entered over a hundred singing competitions, but is still trying to be ‘recognized.’ I actually find that hard to believe after hearing her perform “Two Black Cadillacs.” She beamed with confidence, and her soft and sensual voice simply captivated you. Her vocal range I’d liken to Carrie Underwood. Olivia is a cowgirl in her heart, and ironically, I think Christina is the best choice for her. You will be seeing Olivia in the top ten, and she rounds out my top two of the night. 

As the teams stand now, I suspect that Christina may just have the power to de-throne Blake Shelton this season.

Dont' miss the final round of the Blind Auditions next Monday on NBC. 

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