Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"The Voice" - Final Blind Auditions


Monday night the final few were chosen, and each coach’s team was filled with twelve exceptional artists. The caliber of talent on The Voice is incredible, and the coaches’ experiences and advice are going to make that talent flourish like never before.

Adam Levine filled his team with two outstanding artists. Matt Cermanski walked on the stage for the second time (last season he turned no chairs) and blew us away with his rendition of “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Adam, CeeLo, and Blake all showed they had faith when their chairs turned, but when Adam’s chair turned, Matt’s face lit up and his performance shot into high-gear. The versatility and range of his vocals made for one of the best performances of the night... It even earned a standing ovation from Adam.
Grey, a twenty-five year old member of a wedding band, was the final addition to Team Adam. She grew up singing country and attended the Berklee College of Music. Grey has one of those voices that can be deeper when she needs it to be but also hit those high notes people seem to crave for. Her song choice of “Catch my Breath” was perfect to showcase her amazing range and control. Both Grey and Matt are the ones to watch on Team Adam.

CeeLo Green had three spots to fill on Monday’s final Blinds. He picked up Tamara Chauniece, a Gospel trained and raised artist who dreams of going more mainstream. Her voice is pure and easily captivates her audience.
CeeLo also grabbed twenty-six-year-old Lupe Carroll. His version of “If I Were a Carpenter” exposed a rather unique and interesting vocal tone. CeeLo was intrigued enough to turn his chair and was happy to add Lupe to his roster.
Shawn Smith rounded out Team CeeLo. The army veteran, who suffers a hearing impairment in his right ear, nailed his audition with “Chicken Fried.” His dedication and determination really inspires, but it was his country edge and strong vocals that earned him the well deserved final Team CeeLo spot.

Blake Shelton filled his final slots with two absolutely amazing country stars. Brandon Chase completely nailed it from the first note of “Wanted.” He is the real deal, and Blake knew that country music is in Brandon’s blood. Brandon’s vocals are outstanding, but at the same time, natural. He it made seem completely effortless and second-nature while he was on stage. Even after the audition, Blake walked into the ‘family/friends’ room to tell those who came to support Brandon just how proud they should be of him... that was a nice gesture on Blake’s part.
Blake completed his team with one more country powerhouse. Brian Pounds took the stage with “Wagon Wheel” and sounded like we were all watching a headlining concert. He felt at home on that stage, and his confidence poured into his singing. He has a great country tone and a simple, natural sound. Team Blake is full, and these two amazing country artists round out his team perfectly.

Christina Aguilera had only one spot to fill last night, and she was being patient until she found “that one special male vocalist” that she just had “to have.” Team Xtina is already a powerhouse the other coaches should fear, but when she turned for the unbelievable Michael Lynch, she completely solidified her team’s strength. 
Michael is a pop singer with an added Latin element, and when he performed “Bailamos,” the audience went wild and Christina lit up. His soft-pop tone is full of power. His range is vast, and his pitch is flawless... you add the abundance of energy and charisma he blasts out and you’ve got the one that could go all the way. Christina was so impressed with Michael, that after he chose her as his coach, she called for a microphone and performed an on-the-spot mini-duet with him. Michael’s performance truly was the highlight of the night... if not the entire Blind Auditions.

So with the teams all filled, we anxiously await the Battle Rounds to begin. Again, I’m new to watching The Voice, so I’m not entirely clear on what to expect, but I am excited for next week. 

As it stands right now, there are forty-eight very talented artists, and my top twelve (in no particular order) are...

- James Irwin
- Matt Cermanski
- Grey

- Holly Henry
- Brandon Chase
- Brian Pounds

- Juhi

- Destinee Quinn
- Briana Cuoco
- Timyra-Joi
- Olivia Henken
- Michael Lynch

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