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Album Review: Katy Perry – “Prism”

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Katy Perry’s album, Prism, is set for worldwide release on October 22. I could sum up the entire album review with one sentence: "Prism is one of those few albums that every track is worth listening to."
Its not very often I will go and buy an entire album when its released, but Katy Perry’s new release is one of them. There will be no picking and choosing certain songs to download, because each track on the disc is great. Katy Perry put together an amazing song list, and her fans are going to be very impressed. It will be no surprise when the album hits number one.

A prism, by definition, separates white light into a spectrum of colors. The aptly titled album Prism separates Katy Perry's different feelings and emotions. The majority of this album shares with us some very personal and very real emotions and feelings. On a whole, Prism is probably Katy’s most personal album to date and acts almost as a diary she is allowing the world a peek into.

Artists will often take events from their lives and incorporate them into their works. Relationships, decisions, regrets, or achievements are just a few of the many things artists will use. When it comes to musical artists, it doesn’t matter if they write the song or just find a song they connect with deeply, they draw from their personal lives to add emotion and personality to the song. This is what makes an amazing singer and what creates a hit song. What bothers me, however, is the amount of people who try to figure out (or speculate publicly about) who or what the song is about. It doesn’t matter, and it really is none of our business. The song is their public expression they have chosen to share... the reasons are theirs to hold privately.

Katy Perry infuses many different personal elements into Prism, and the lead-off single “Roar” pretty much sets us up for what the mood and theme of the complete album is. While I wouldn’t call it an ‘anthem’ like many people have, the song definitely sends a message that regardless of what is happening in your life, you are still in control... you make the decisions... you are powerful. When Katy sings that she “went from zero to my own hero,” she shows that you are always “the champion" of yourself.

While many of the songs deal with love and relationships, the messages can be applied to almost any aspect of one’s personal life. It’s mostly about taking time for and loving yourself. It shows that, in life, there is no room or purpose to dwell on mistakes. Learn from them and allow yourself to grow stronger from them. Life is short, so don't live in yesterday or worry about tomorrow... Live in today.

The most powerful, and in my opinion best, song on the album comes in the latter half of the track list. “Love Me” is a ballad that includes a great message, but also shows the amazing and powerful vocals Katy Perry has. The song itself talks about losing your insecurities and just being who you are with no shame. Don’t question yourself, and don’t second guess yourself is what Katy is trying to convey as she softly and powerfully sings, “No more standing in my own way ... I’ll be the one defining who I want to be.”

While the theme is instilled into many of the tracks on the album, Katy Perry does mix in some traditional Katy, some new Katy, and some fun Katy. “Legendary Lovers” is very different and infuses a sense of Dubai mixed in with a unique blend of a slow pop beat and fast lyrics. Though it doesn’t have much of a hook, it has a very infectious beat. “Legendary Lovers” may not be a song you'll hear on the radio or in clubs, but it is a song worth having on your playlist.
Birthday” brings some of the traditional and fun Katy to the disc. A simple song with a fun beat... though you may have to come up with a creative way to explain “So let me get you in your birthday suit. It's time to bring out the big balloons” to a younger fan... still cute and playful.

Walking on Air,” the fourth track on the album, gives a small break to the overall theme. This is absolutely made for the clubs and has an electrifying dance beat. It’s fast tempo and catchy chorus will pump the dance floor. The techno-like bridge builds you up before coming down at just the right moment before pushing it full out again. One of the best dance tracks I’ve heard in a while.

Another worthty mention is the final track on the basic version (there are three additional bonus tracks on the deluxe version). “By the Grace of God” is highly spiritual and takes us deep into Katy’s personal dealings with events in her life. The song plays as multiple diary entries comprising each verse. Katy exposes the struggle and pain experienced during a period in her life and paints a very vivid picture of feeling lost and hopeless, but by “The Grace of God” and the love of friends and family, the courage needed to win the fight and find meaning is achieved... the final chapter in the diary of Katy Perry: Strength, Power, Respect, and Love for oneself.

I could go through each track, but what I’d have to say would pretty much be the same thing with different words. Really, every song is amazing and worth having. What impressed me the most, however, is how pure and raw Katy is throughout this album. There was very little, if any, ‘auto-tune’ or any type of digital enhancing. Prism is pure Katy Perry. I wish more artists were like her. She is a very talented vocalist and doesn’t need to rely on ‘technology’ to produce a number one album. She relies only on herself and what she can do. Fans see this and respect her even more for it. 
So I’ve only one thing left to say—Buy Prism! … The entire album. I’d go with the Deluxe version as the bonus tracks are too good to pass up and worth the extra few dollars. This is one album that you can just press play and walk away... the ‘skip’ button will not be needed.

Hear Katy’s story...
Be a winner!
Show your strength!
and “Roar!”

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