Thursday, July 11, 2013

Britney Spears – Ooh la la

Browsing through my Twitter feed today, I saw a tweet about Britney Spears’ new video being released. I admit, I almost continued scrolling past the posting (I was a huge fan of 'early' Britney but not so much of 'new' Britney), until I read the part about her children being in the video. Now I was intrigued and... a little concerned. I’ve seen her videos of years past and could not imagine how two young boys would even come close to fitting in her newest video. So, I clicked the link, watched the video, and was pleasantly surprised... Britney Spears was again amazing, and her sons, Preston and Jayden, were the perfect personal touch for the video. If this is the new 'new' Britney Spears, then I am once again a huge fan.

Ooh La La, available on iTunes, is from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack and is a refreshing mix ‘early’ Britney Spears and ‘new’ Britney Spears. 
Ooh La La has a very subtle techno-like beat to it, with just the right amount of electropop and dance mixed in. I enjoyed the song and the video very much. I’m happy Britney Spears is bringing a bit of her pre toxic music back into her new music. As for the video, using her children in the video (and actually portraying her children) helps to remind people she’s grown up... she’s a mom... and she’s a normal person. Having Preston and Jayden in the video (especially the “Hi mom!”) only solidifies all that.

She looks great. The kids look happy. Music is awesome. It’s Britney B****!

Don't forget to watch for The Smurfs 2 coming to theaters July 31, 2013!

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