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The Bachelorette Finale - Desiree Hartsock

The second part of ABC’s The Bachelorette finale airs tonight, and millions of people will be watching. Judge me if you will, but I am going be one of them.
This season of The Bachelorette started off slowly with very low ratings, but tonight’s second part of the finale has generated a storm of speculation, anger, disappointment, and frustration. It’s also the finale that will beat the ratings of last year’s Final Rose (just under 9 million viewers). Why? Well, very creative editing and marketing has created very strong emotions and reactions from loyal viewers, and these emotions and reactions generate conversations... conversations generate speculations... speculations generate arguments (who’s right and who’s wrong)... which all combine to generate a larger viewership. So, season nine of The Bachelorette goes from being the least watch season to the most watched season. You got to love TV.
Once you realize what to watch for, however, you don’t need spoilers (I’ve choose not to read any; and, therefore, none will printed here) to figure a best-guess as to what’s going to happen each week and how the finale will end (who gets the final rose).
Again, there are no spoilers here, just my own observations and my own opinions.
So, who is the last-man-standing with the final rose? Well, like I’ve said, if you’ve paid attention to all the little things said and done over the past few weeks, the only reasonable answer is
Brooks. Ironically, if you search for polls on who Desiree will pick tonight, pretty much every one of them gives you only three options: Drew, Chris, or No One.
Why Brooks? Well, let’s quickly recap the season. Remember though, the episodes are taped months in advance of actually airing on TV, so we hear only selected conversations and see only selected interactions. All of which are meant to build up to a very climactic ending.
With something as simple as watching body language, one could see that Desiree was already very attracted to Brooks by Episode 2, and when he injured his finger in Episode 3, you could see how strong and genuine her concern and care had developed toward him (you don’t ever see that level of reaction and interaction between Desiree and any of the other guys). In fact, if I remember correctly, he was also the first ‘real’ kiss of the season. In Episode 5, Brooks got the rose on the group date, but it is in Episode 7 where things really become exposed.
In Episode 7, Brooks and Desiree have their one-on-one date. During dinner, a race-type of analogy about falling in love comes up in conversation. Basically it was the starting-line to jogging, to running, to the finish-line, and Desiree told Brooks that she was “running.” In so many words, and within the confines of what she can say to the guys, she basically admitted she was falling in love with him. Later in the episode, while talking to Chris Harrison, she admits to him that she is “at the finish-line” with Brooks, meaning she is in love with Brooks.
If you noticed throughout the episode, every time she talked about Brooks (to the cameras) or if Brooks’ name was mentioned, she would blush, sometimes getting quite red. So, by Episode 7 (and this is a first) the bachelorette openly admits that she is in love with a specific guy. There is a reason these conversations weren’t edited out for airing, and we were allowed to see them... a stronger build up of emotions and reactions when the first part of the finale aired the ‘breakup” Brooks drops in Desiree’s lap.
Here’s where some logical thinking comes into play. Yes, Brooks dumps Desiree. Yes, Brooks breaks her heart, and yes, he walks away from her. But if that was the end of that, why do you need a two-part finale? If it was just a ‘simple’ breakup, it’s done and you move on. Brooks would leave, and you would have the finale two... even if she is so devastated and chooses neither of the ‘final two guys,’ that can all be done in one episode, and any loose threads cleared up in After the Final Rose. Right?
Now, if you think back to the conversation Brooks had with Desiree while crushing her heart, you may remember some certain cues as to what may happen in the second part. Most importantly, it was made very clear (and actually said more than once) that Brooks wasn’t “feeling” what he was thinking. The major foundation used to come to his conclusion was that it didn’t seem to feel empty or painful enough to him when he and Desiree were apart. This revelation of his stuck with me (and rightly so). This is the perfect set up for his return in part two. With her strong declaration of love for him taking any doubt and fear he had about their love and future (likely fueled in part by the divorce of his parents), he will realize just how much it does hurt to not have her in his life. In fact, after breaking up with Desiree, Brooks says a few times how this was the “worst day” of his life.
Secondly, after Desiree’s declaration of love for Brooks, he asked her, with a strong regretful tone, why she didn’t tell him this earlier. Desiree told Brooks, with a little anger in her voice (not directed at him, but at the rules I suspect) that she wasn’t allowed to, but reminded him that she told him she was “running” toward the finish line. You could see the regret instantly in Brooks’ face (as he already broke up with her at this point). The expression on his face clearly showed that if he had known how she truly felt, the last ten minutes would have never happened. With that, it’s painfully obvious that he is in love with her, but also in doubt because there were two other guys in play. He wasn’t sure where he stood with Desiree, and because of that doubt, he wasn’t able to admit to himself how he was really feeling (if you don’t touch the fire, you cannot get burned). You could sense, instantly, how much he regretted his decision after she said, “I don’t care that you broke my heart, ... I love you!”
When Desiree talks to Chris Harrison about the breakup, she tells him how much she loves Brooks and that she will never be able to love either Chris or Drew as much as “they deserve.” Basically saying that without Brooks, it’s over. Well... if that’s the case, what exactly are they going to fill two hours with in part two of the finale? If it really was done, it would have been done in one part... Brooks leaves – she doesn’t love Drew or Chris – picks no one – done!
Lastly, (there are many other little clues, but to list every one...) is the exit of Brooks in part one. Yes, we see him walking away, and we see him driving away in the limo, but we do not see him grab his luggage... we do not see a shot of the airport... we don’t even see a shot of an airplane taking off. All of which would have sealed the end of Brooks. Instead we just assumed the finality of his departure because he was driving away in a limo.
Tonight, Brooks will return. To wager a guess, I say he will ring the doorbell were Desiree’s family is staying (as the finale is where the guys meet her family). I’m going to say that Brooks shows up at her family’s place to talk to them before talking to her, and I’ll be willing to bet that her brother, Nate, plays a very crucial role in Brooks’ return into Desiree’s life, which will be interesting considering Nate’s role in her love quest last year on The Bachelor (although, Nate was right about Sean). It really wouldn’t surprise me if Nate and Brooks have a long chat, and Nate is the one who brings Brooks to Desiree.
Regardless of the how (I am just guessing there), Brooks will come running back to Desiree, and I see a very long and very emotional conversation between the two... eventually leading to them being together—maybe not engaged, but definitely together.
We will see tonight... and have fun watching!

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