Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus – Probably Should Stop

I wasn’t home Sunday night when the VMAs were on, so I set the PVR and was all excited to watch it once I got home. I avoided Twitter and news feeds all night so not to spoil it for myself, but my ‘digital gremlins’ decided that they didn’t want the VMAs to record. Initially I was upset, but after resorting to Twitter and the internet for snippets of the show, I realized why my imaginary gremlins didn’t want the show to tape... Miley Cyrus and her foam finger. She started the set off with her new single “We Can’t Stop” (though, she probably should have!) before moving into a collaboration with Robin Thicke and his new song “Blurred Lines.”
Although I didn’t get to see the show, I’ve seen enough pictures and video clips of her VMA performance with Robin Thicke to know that I probably would’ve thrown up a little in my mouth if I had watched the actual performance... in fact, some of the clips I found, I had to stop them before they even finished. Seriously, what was she thinking? ... Or, maybe the better questions should be, “what was she on?”.

Shock value – check
Pissed off parents – check
Scarred young teens – check
Millions of people talking about Miley – check
Complete loss of dignity and respect – CHECK!

There was nothing sexy or even remotely attractive about anything happening on that stage. Her outfit... well, I’ve got no words for that besides ‘eww.’ The dancing (if that’s what you want to call it) reminded me of a ‘drunk uncle’ at a wedding trying to dirty dance with grandma. The foam finger... I can’t even guess. And, that tongue... seriously, keep. it. in. your. mouth.
But... Miley seemed to accomplish much by all that:
The Parents’ Television Council is irate.
Mom and dad are attempting damage control for their young and impressionable children, whom are probably having nightmares and locking up their stuffed animals.
Many stars are dumbfounded and shocked (you’ve got to see Will Smith and his family’s facial expressions when Miley’s performing... priceless!).
Robin Thicke is upset because Miley overshadowed his performance.

There are some write-ups I’ve read that compare Miley’s performance with the infamous Britney and Madonna 2003 VMA kiss. I don’t see how a comparison between the two can be made at all... Oh my goodness... two girls kissed on live TV! Really? Britney and Madonna kissed... that’s it. Miley was walking on the side of soft porn.

All in all, after seeing (for the most part) her VMA performance, I’ve lost all respect I once had for Miley Cyrus. I understand Hannah Montana is no more and that Miley needs to grow and find herself, but grow with dignity, grow with respect for yourself, and grow with pride – because all she accomplished with that performance was me pressing “delete” in my music library for everything Miley Cyrus. I never want the image of her in a rubber bikini, twerking with a foam finger between her legs, in my head again!
So... needless to say, I’m kind of happy my gremlins stopped the VMAs from recording. I have a feeling I would have been greatly disappointed and thoroughly disgusted. Thanks Miley.
On an unrelated note, I am, however, upset I missed Katy Perry’s performance of Roar. I heard it was really well done. Good job Katy.

Roar - Katy Perry

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