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Cory Monteith Found Dead in Vancouver Hotel

At 11:30pm (MST), on July 13, 2013, Vancouver police confirmed in an impromptu press conference that Cory Monteith (best know for his character, Finn Hudson, on Glee) was found dead in his hotel room earlier in the day.

It was confirmed by Acting Chief Doug Le Pard that “Vancouver Police received a call from the BC Ambulance Service regarding a sudden death in a room on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel,” and the deceased was “identified as 31-year-old actor Cory Monteith.”

Although cause of death has not been established, Le Pard went on to say that “all indications are that there was no foul play.”

Within minutes of the official announcement, social media exploded with shock, sadness, and prayers. Unfortunately, it also exploded with unconfirmed speculation and inappropriate, even heartless, comments regarding the circumstances surrounding his death.

While I’m not surprised at the speculations, I am appalled by some of the comments I’d seen. But, that’s not what this is about, and I choose to ignore these comments (as I hope others will), as it is inconsequential to the real story... the real tragedy.

I admit, the belief circulating that Monteith’s death was drug related does have enough facts to probably be true, but until confirmation from the Medical Examiner, one cannot say either way.

The belief of a drug related death comes from the fact that Cory Monteith had battled drug addiction for over 10 years. He entered rehab for the first time at 19 years old, after family and friends staged an intervention. Over the years, Monteith had admitted openly in many interviews that he had a substance abuse problem... and was even quoted many times as saying that he “took anything and everything.”

Most recently, he had revealed to People magazine that earlier this year he “admitted himself into rehab for substance abuse.” After his stay in rehab, Monteith seemed happy and in good spirits when he got out and even tweeted his thanks to everyone on April 26, 2013.

Monteith joined the Glee cast in 2009, and when the show took off, so did his popularity. He was extremely talented, both as an actor and as a singer, and his character soon became one of the favourites on the show.

In 2012, Monteith and his co-star Lea Michele began dating, and were still dating at the time of his untimely passing. I don’t think I can even imagine how this has affected her. She, along with his friends, his family and his fellow cast members, supported him completely and unconditionally while he battled his addiction.

A rep for Lea Michele released a statement on her behalf asking that “everyone kindly respect Lea’s privacy during this devastating time.” I only hope that people do respect and grant Lea this courtesy. While Monteith’s death was made very public, her loss and subsequent grieving needs to be (and SHOULD be) private. My heart and my prayers go out to Lea and also to his family and his friends.

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die” 
~Thomas Cambell

If the Medical Examiner’s results (the autopsy is scheduled for Monday) show that Monteith’s death was drug related, I cringe at the subsequent news stories and comments that will follow, and I worry about the possible (yet unjustified) blame and guilt those close to him may feel.

Substance abuse and addiction is an illness, but because it’s not a ‘physical’ ailment, some people believe that not using is as easy as just choosing not to use. That’s simply not true. Like a ‘physical’ illness, one seeks treatment in order to get better; unfortunately, however, like any illness, treatment does not always produce a cure. Sometimes, the illness wins and our body pays the price. 
Losing the battle is not a sign of weakness... it is not because of something those around them did or did not do... it is not something that could’ve been changed... It is tragic. It is heartbreaking. But it is no one’s fault. And, unless you’ve experienced this first hand, you may not understand... so do not judge!

I didn’t know Cory Monteith personally. I don’t know his family or his friends... but I do understand. I can only hope and pray that those who were close to him, especially his family and Lea, know that just by loving him and supporting him, they DID do everything they could have, and they DID do everything they should have. I hope they find the strength they need to get themselves through this devastating and heartbreaking loss.

God Bless.

Cory Monteith

May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013

Rest in Peace

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