Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Fate is Our Destiny

According to dictionary definitions “destiny” and “fate” are one in the same. Destiny is defined as being one’s fate, and fate is defined as one’s destiny. I do see them as being the same, but also as separate forces that sometimes fight for the same thing.
Destiny has plans for you. Whether it’s where you are to be working or living—even with whom you are to spend your life.
If you were to systematically examine all past events, situations, or ‘chance’ meetings in your life, you would find that many connections were made that directly created other connections... all leading you to where you are today. At the time, however, it is unlikely you ever noticed anything, and if you do happen to put a couple ‘weird’ coincidences together... you simply brush them off as just that... a coincidence.
But if you sat down and traced back everything that has happened to you over the years, you just might be surprised at what you’d find—hundreds of small and insignificant things causing other small and insignificant things to occur... which in time adds up and lands you here. Destiny is a chain-reaction of events in your life that lead to other events. It has a plan and a goal, and it can take many years and hundreds of individual events (and I use the term broadly) to manifest destiny’s designs.
I’ve realized that there have been too many coincidences, meetings, situations, or events (each one leading to another and then to another) to be simply brushed off as being nothing or having no meaning. Everything can be traced back to something else... some as far back as childhood.
Unfortunately, sometimes all of destiny’s efforts (building and forming connections for many years) are thwarted by our own fate before its end result can be realized.
Destiny is all about synchronicity, while fate is all about timing. So, they are one in the same, just with different strategies, and neither one seems to work well with the other.
Destiny will spend years creating the connections in your life to try and get you where you are meant to be, but sometimes we cause fate to step in and mess it all up. Fate, like destiny, tries to put you where or with whom you are meant to be, but fate is more aggressive than destiny, and if the timing isn’t right, then nothing works the way it was meant to.
If a runner jumps the starting gun, the race has to start over, and if the runner misses the starting gun, the race is lost... timing is crucial to a victorious result.
Fate, in a sense, relies on and reacts to our decisions. If you begin to suspect (usually subconsciously) something might be going on, you may get excited and try to ‘jump the gun,’ causing fate to maybe show you the end-game prematurely; conversely, if you miss the ‘starting gun’ altogether, fate steps and tries to push you off the block and back into the race. Sadly either one of these more often causes all of destiny’s work to crumble away.
So... lesson learned! Although we are free to make our own decisions in life, sometimes it’s just better if we simply take a backseat and allow destiny to get us to where and with whom we are meant to be. Destiny creates the best plan for us, but we are the ones who guide our fates—a paradox, where we should never rush forward, but we should also never hold back... it’s all about balance and harmony.
Too bad I didn’t figure that out before I figured this out.

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